Very Muy Rico is a creation of Jess and Phil. A couple of foodies who love to spice things up! We don't work like the big corporate hot sauce brands. We make our sauces in small batches, and pay extra attention to the quality of our ingredients and the process. 

Our process has been crafted over many years of trial and error. Just ask Jess about some of the errors. You know, the time when Phil boiled a couple gallons of vinegar in the home kitchen with a load of hot peppers and spices thrown in. Let's just say it was no bueno for your eyes and nose without a good vent! 

Over time we were able to craft some pretty tasty sauces and started gifting them to friends and family. Once we started getting more and more requests to "send more please" and "we've incorporated this sauce into one of our recipes", we knew we were on to something!

We finally decided to launch our brand of hot sauces in 2021 after moving from Indiana to Colorado. We are super excited for you to try our sauces, and cannot wait to hear what you think! Please contact us with any questions or comments :)

owners of very muy rico hot sauce - jess and phil
Our story doesn't stop when we bring the heat! We believe in giving back to our community which is why we donate a portion of our profits each year to school and charities. Like the late great Martin Luther King Jr. said "The time is always right to do what is right."
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